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About Us

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                       This era is challenged by a revolutionary evolution in pedagogy. Here, E-learning technology builds a powerful and user-friendly platform to help students to have the best knowledge in discourses. In this circumstance, More@home assures an online platform of knowledge hub using ultra-modern technologies, that will lead to a superior learning experience.

                        Visionaries of More@home has set its stake of aim at its student’s simpler and fruitful education. Without accurate training and continuous evaluation, students can’t reach their full potential. Here we act as a catalyst, to bring excellence in KG to twelfth-grade students in subjects of English, mathematics, science, and computer.

                        Our mission is to spread democratized education by using methodologies that are reliable, accessible, affordable, and enjoyable so that, learning is no longer a chore but an opportunity for the students on growth, development, and success. Learners can enroll on convenient subjects and respective sessions as they like to explore, where expert teachers bring forth authentic lessons, create vibrant ambience through extraordinary tutoring, and provide heterogeneous reliable resources for a better apprehension of their curriculum.

                        “Consistency on Hard Work generates Success”. And here, More@home provides a consistent learning pattern for the young minds to acquire desirable and feasible learning exposure to secure their future. No matter who you are, More@home assures you to uplift every scholar to mainstream education. This is the spark to empower, envision, and enlighten our spirits. Together, let’s set foot on, to the rejuvenated future.